Tech Construct

Technopathy Discipline

This power creates one 1st-level tech construct of various debris that attacks your enemies. It appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability. As a free action, you can mentally direct it not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions. The astral construct acts normally on the last round of the power’s duration and dissipates at the end of its turn.

Astral construct are not summoned; they are created on the plane you inhabit (using random discarded detritus). Thus, they are not subject to effects that hedge out or otherwise affect outsiders; they are constructs, not outsiders.

Psychic Focus.  You still need to spend at least 1 psi to construct your bot, but once done, with your psychic focus you can control your bot as you would a companion or pet.   As long as you maintain your psychic focus you can gain the benefits as if the bot/construct was a familiar of the same level.

Assemble Construct (2-7 psi; conc. Psychic Focus).  First off, the concentration on this lasts as long as you have psychic focus active.  Provided that is active, the bot/construct will last until you cancel your psychic focus or until it is reduced to 0 hp.  Once your bot/construct is reduced to 0 hp, it is destroyed and you will have to create a new one.

At creation you can choose to spend between 2 and 7 psi points.  Spending 2 psi points creates a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level construct.  Spending 5 psi points creates a 4th, 5th, or 6th level construct.  Spending 7 points creates a 7th, 8th, or 9th level construct.  The construct is the same level as its psion creator depending on psi points spent.  For example, if a 5th level psion spends 5 psi on the construct, it is a 5th level construct.   A psion higher than 9th level can maintain multiple constructs provided they spend the appropriate points and the total levels do not exceed their own.  For example, a level 12 psion can create a 9th level and a 3rd level construct, or two 6th level constructs.

Each construct has a number of hit dice (d8) equal to its level.  It has a Strength of 12 and a Dexterity of 13, but no Constitution.  It has a Natural AC of 14.  It has no Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma score, but it does have a rudimentary AI that obeys the psion’s commands.  These stats and its hit points can be modified by applying Menu benefits detailed in Tech Construct.

Reconstruction (2-7 psi).  You can repair or reconstruct parts of your construct.  The construct only needs to be within visual range up to 30 feet.  Spending 2 psi allows you to heal/reconstruct 2d8 hp to your construct.  Each additional point beyond 2 gives you an additional 1d8 to heal (max 7d8).  Additionally, you can use this on any mechanical or electronic device, but the healing/repair is reduced to a d6.  Meaning with 2 psi spent you heal/repair any mechanical or electronic devices for 2d6 hp.