Technopathy Discipline

You generate electricity for the purpose of harming electronic devices.  Though it can be powerful enough to harm biological creatures, its main purpose is to harm electronics or machinery.

Psychic Focus.  Whenever you focus on this discipline, you generate a mild electrostatic field around your body.  Any electronic device that you come in contact with must save vs your Discipline Save or take 1d6 damage.   If the electronic device is reduced to 0 hp, it is disabled, but not destroyed.

EMP Bolt (1 psi/3psi).  You fire a bolt of electricity dealing 3d6 damage to mechanical or technological devices or creatures.  This cost 1 psi.  If the target is biological, they take only 1d6 damage unless you spend 3 psi, then they’ll take they full 3d6.

EMP Bomb (5-7 psi). This functions much like EMP Bolt but instead of affecting a single target it affects a 30 foot radius area. Against mechanical or technological devices or creatures it does 5d8 damage plus 1d8 for every 1 psi you spend over 5 (max 7d8).  Against biological creatures, the damage is reduced to 4d6 damage plus 1d6 for every 1 psi you spend over 5 (max 6d6).