Drone Settings

Techopathy Discipline

You have learned to use your powers to over power remote devices, specifically drones and autonomous robots and tech constructs.

Psychic Focus.  Whenever you focus on this discipline, you are aware and can pinpoint any autonomous robots and tech constructs within 120 feet.  Additionally, you gain a +2 to Intelligence (Computer Use) skills to hack or program autonomous robots and tech constructs.

Hack Drone (2 psi).  You attempt to control a drone or other mechanical construct within visual sight up to 60 feet away. Once you manifest the power, the target object makes a Constitution save versus your Discipline Save. If they fail, you have root access and can control the drone or other mechanical construct as if it were your own.

Remote Control (5 psi).  You attempt to control any vehicle, robot, or device within visual sight up to 60 feet away.  The vehicle, robot, or device must be lacking any controlling AI, but a humanoid driver can be overridden.  If it has an AI, it is considered a drone and you must use Hack Drone (above).  Once under your control, the original operator of the vehicle or device can use their appropriate skill (vehicle proficiency or Intelligence (Computer Use)) versus your Discipline Save to try to regain control.

Drone Network (5-7 psi; conc. 10 mins).  Functions like Hack Drone (above), but for multiple drones and or mechanical constructs. You can affect up to 3 creatures for 5 psi plus an additional one for each additional psi point spent above 5 up to 7.