Disrupt Sensor

Technopath Discipline

You have the ability to confuse and disrupt various technology-based sensors, e.g. surveillance cameras, radar, sonar, RFID sensors.

Psychic Focus.  While focused, you cause minor disruptions to any cameras within a 120 foot radius.  Anyone observing you through a camera are at a disadvantage to find you. You roll a Dexterity (Stealth) check normally, but the observer incurs a disadvantage on their Wisdom (Perception) check to notice you.  Again, this only works when you are being observed through a camera of any type regardless of light and/or heat sensing modifications.

Disrupt Surveillance (1 psi).  Choose one technological sensor within visual range up to 60 feet and as an action, you temporarily disable that sensor for 3 minutes.  While disabled, the sensor will not transmit any information.  If it is being actively monitored, whoever is monitoring it will notice that it is no longer transmitting and may alert any authority.

Tech Invisibility (3 psi; conc. 10min).  As an action, you can make yourself invisible to technology-based sensors.  Any attempt to find you through cameras, radar, sonar, or motion detection fails.  To technological sensors you are effectively invisible.  However, through natural sensors, or from those of beings and creatures, you are detectable through their normal senses.

Create Loop (7 psi).  You spend three minutes creating a “false” loop in a surveillance feed.  The loop is very realistic, but a keen eye can still seen through the deception.  To notice, any observer must beat the DC of your Discipline Save on a Wisdom (Perception) check.