Encryption can be found in many forms and used across many different platforms in the modern Athas. From encrypted files, encrypted chat and encrypted radio communications, the need and use includes everyday people to corporations and military.

Techniques for encryption in Dark Sun parallel closely our own real world encryption. It is not the goal of this page to go into a technical explanation of exactly how encryption works but instead how it applies to game play.

There is several grades of encryption listed in the chart below, each can be used for any type of data or transmission needing to be encrypted. To decrypt or break an encryption, the hacker must make a Computer use roll that meets or beats the Decrypt DC. Spending time the hacker can lower the Decrypt DC by his Int modifier each time he spends the Time Mod and makes a successful Computer Use DC 10 check. Rolling a natural 1 will result in loosing all gains to lowering the Decrypt DC. The hacker can keep applying additional time increments to continue to lower the DC but the lowest DC reduction that can be achieved is half the original Decrypt DC.
An alternative method to breaking the encryption is to get the key and apply it using a Computer Use DC 12.

Type Decrypt DC Time Mod Key Size Typical Use Cost
Class AAA 100 24 hours 4 SU Authority / High Milita 25,000c
Class AA 80 24 hours 2 SU Sat Links / Top Executive / Milita 10,000c
Class A 60 24 hours 1 SU Sat Links / Top Corporations 2,000c
Class BB 50 6 hours 256 characters Enforcer 800c
Class B 40 6 hours 128 characters Commercial Grade 200c
Class C 30 1 hour 8 to 24 characters Consumer / Commercial Grade 50c
Class D 20 1 round 4 to 16 characters Consumer Grade FREE

Type: This is the identification class or name of the encryption.
Decrypt DC: The Computer Use DC required to break the encryption.
Time Mod: The Decrypt DC can be lowered by the users Int mod bonus for spending the amount of time shown, but also requires a Computer Use DC 10 be made at that time to successfully gain bonus. A natural 1 on the roll results in losing all bonuses gained. Time Mod can be accumulated but the lowest Time Mod bonus is half the original Decrypt DC.
Key Size: The key size indicates how large the key is. If the size is in characters its storage is negligible and does not take up storage units (SU). When a SU is given the hacker must allocate that amount of storage on their computer for breaking the encryption no matter what type it is, data or transmission.
Typical Use: This is not set in stone, but is a guide to illustrate the typical users for each type of encryption class.
Cost: The price for purchasing encryption software.

Decryption Apps

There is also decryption software that can be used, the Bonus is added to all Computer Use skills when rolling to break the encryption as well as added to the Int Mod when using time to help lower the Decrypt DC.

App Name Bonus Size Cost
DeCipher Pro 10 20 SU 5,000c
Decrypto 6 8 SU 1,000c
EzCrack 2 2 SU 200c