IT and Sundry

This page will have various electronic devices to keep your characters connected to the Internet and each other.

Communicators and Computers

Description of Columns

Name: Name of Device
Processor:  the Processor bonus of the device (explained in IT HelpDesk)
RAM:  the RAM bonus of the deice (explained in IT HelpDesk)
Capacity:  the storage capacity of the device expressed in general Storage Units (Su).  They are roughly equivalent to 1GB.
Price:  The price in Calories for the device.

Hand-Held  Processor  RAM Capacity  Price 
Pommu C7 +2 +4 100Su/240Su 600c/750c
Pommu SX8 +2 +6 240Su/540Su 800c/950c
Nurki Lumens 3 +1 +4 500Su 500c
Nurki Photon 7 +3 +4 500Su 750c
Duo Union 4 +2 +4 120Su/240Su 600c/750c
Duo Union v12 +3 +5 240Su/540Su 1200c/1400c
Tablets Processor RAM Capacity Price
Pommu UniPad +4 +6 500Su/1000Su 400c/550c
Pommu UniPad Mini +4 +6 500Su/1Su 450c/600c
Duo UnionTab 4 +4 +7 1000Su 550c
Duo UnionTab Compact +4 +5 500Su 450c
Laptops/Notebooks Processor RAM Capacity Price
Pommu Airbook +8 +8 1000Su/4000Su/12000Su 800c/1000c/1200c
Pommu Airbook Pro +10 +15 2000Su/6000Su/20000Su 1500c/2200c/2800c
LughSoft Glaze +8 +10 1000Su/4000Su/12000Su 750c/900c/1100c
LughSoft GlazePro +10 +12 2000Su/6000Su/20000Su 1400c/2100c/2700c
Desktops Processor RAM Capacity Price
Pommu Gala Pro +10 +15 Cloud 1500c
Pommu Discovery +12 +15 Cloud 2000c
LughSoft Homebrew Standard +8 +12 Cloud 800c
LughSoft Homebrew Optimized +12 +15 Cloud 1400c



All Hand-Held comms are essentially the same as our world’s Smart Phones. They are all of similar size shape and design. The only difference is they also come standard with a AR interface. This PAN (Personal Area Network) consists of the comm itself (running Athas’ version of a secured Bluetooth connection), an earpiece with mic, and a small lapel pin that projects the holographic interface.

Pommu C7: Touted as the “Comm that started it all!”, this is Pommu’s flagship communicator. It is sleek, powerful, and comes with a wide-range of apps.

Pommu SX8: The larger and “more advanced” version of the C7, it still runs Pommus famous and immensely user-friendly OSλ. It’s increased processing speed and available RAM make it perfect for Advanced Users.

Nurki Lumens 3: The first comm to use the Pathway RT OS, it is an excellent alternative to the giants of Pommu and Duo. It’s reasonable price point makes it quite attractive to your basic user. Though it does lack somewhat in app selection.

Nurki Photon 7: This is Nurki’s reply to the SX8 and the Union v12. It’s fast, reliable and runs 2 OS’s simultaneously: LughSoft RT OS and DuoCyborg.

Duo Union 4: Released within weeks of the original Pommu 1 (or it’s previous gen the Union 1s), it has competed nicely with Pommu’s flagship communicator and matched its specs almost exactly.

Duo Union v12: Another “Advanced User” comm on the market, but still one of the best. It is as powerful as the others and runs DuoCyborg.


Like in our world, tablets are “notepad”-sized communicators. They also come with the the standard AR interface, but their size allows for a bit more standard processing speed and RAM. This is the 2nd most popular form of communicator behind the Hand-Held.

Pommu UniPad: Like the C7 “only larger”, this is Pommu’s flagship tablet. It runs OSλ and interfaces nicely with all other Pommu products.

Pommu UniPad Mini: Like the UniPad “only smaller”, this tablet is gaining popularity as it has the same specs as the UniPad, but is closer in size to the SX8.

Duo UnionTab 4: Duo’s answer to the UniPad. Similar is size and specs, it runs the DuoCyborg OS.

Duo UnionTab Compact: Duo’s answer to the UniPad Mini. Corporate competition benefits everyone.

Laptops and Notebooks

These are not really comms as much as they are portable computers. Like the ones in our world, they are portable versions of desktops and try to come closer to their specs than communicators. The other big difference is that they are more oriented towards VR interfacing than AR. You still need a VR Interfacing app (and the appropriate Universal WiFi cybernetic).

Pommu Airbook: Sleek, thin and powerful. This is Pommu’s main Notebook that Runs OSμ.

Pommu Airbook Pro: Slightly thicker than the standard Airbook, but more powerful.

LughSoft Glaze: Though the hardware is actually made by Duo, the OS and the device itself is marketed and branded as a Pathways notebook. The top also separates and can function as a tablet as well. Because of this, the Glaze also comes with the standard AR Interface, but can also support VR interface apps as well.

LughSoft GlazePro: A slightly larger version of the Glaze that doesn’t separate into a tablet. It is a dedicated notebook only.


Much like in our world, there are hundreds of manufacturers that make the individual parts allowing you to build and customize your desktop for your particular purpose. And then there’s Pommu who makes sleek, well designed and pre-made desktops for you. There are, of course, the two Pommu models listed below that again come pre-made. The two LughSoft “Homebrews” listed below are the computers sold “ready-to-assemble”. Again, there are innumerable manufacturers and these “Homebrews” represent what kind of computer you can “build” after searching various sites and shops for just the right performance.

Computer and Communicator Accessories

These are the accessories you can add to either your communicator or computer. There is no hindrance to these accessories (apart from price) and they add directly to your communicator or computer’s stats.

Name Description Price
Pseudodragon Processor I Microprocessor that adds +4 to the base Processor bonus of your device 500c
Pseudodragon Processor II Microprocessor that adds +8 to the base Processor bonus of your device 1200c
Pseudodragon Processor III Microprocessor that adds +12 to the base Processor bonus of your device 2200c
OvrClck’d RAM I Specialized RAM that adds +2 to the base RAM of your device 500c
OvrClck’d RAM II Specialized RAM that adds +4 to the base RAM of your device 1300c
OvrClck’d RAM III Specialized RAM that adds +8 to the base RAM of your device 2000c
Micro SSD Pack Attaches to a Hand-Held or Tablet; Add 1TB Capacity 100c
External Portable HDD WiFi conntected HDD of 4TB Capacity 200c
Multi-Rack NAS Rack of HDDs that connect to a network, provides 1PB of Capacity 1200c