Fab Man

Race - FabmanFab Man Racial Traits

+1 Str, +1 Dex, +2 Con, +1 Int, -1 Wis, +1 Cha
6′ tall, 180 lbs.
base speed 30 feet
Medium size, gets no bonus for size
No reproductive organs or libido
Life expectancy is unknown
Must consume 4 quarts of milk or glucose supplements daily. Lack of glucose daily results in 1d4 Con loss, getting back on diet he regains 1 Con per day.

General Information

The Fab Man has been biologically created to only digest enzymes with lactose, without it they will die. So you will always find a Fab Man downing a gallon of milk with any meal. It is also unknown the natural longevity and aging, there seems to be no sign of aging through known case studies but there has been claims there is a finite kill switch embed in their DNA sequence which is a highly guarded secret by those who created them.


Physical Characteristics

The Fab Man is modeled off the Human male, it is rumored female versions have been created. He stands 6′ and weights 180 lbs. His eyes are generally blue and he has no hair on his entire body, nor does he process reproductive organs. He is naturally stronger, quicker, more intelligent and designed with a superior immune system. His sensory response is extremely acute and gains a +1 bonus to Initiative even before Dex bonus or feats.


As a created species, they have no natural environment.  However, like their human baseline, they can survive anywhere.


Because of their naiveté, they tend to stick to patterns, habits, and regimens and thus tend towards lawful alignments.


Fab Men have no society of their own.  They have no experience growing up and thus tend to latch onto whatever society they happen to be in, which is most often human.