New Uses for Old Proficiencies and Skills

Artisan Tools

There are no real changes other than adding tools for more modern trades. All of the below tools allow you to add your Proficiency bonus to ability checks when attempting to repair, create, or modify modern technology.

  • Network Technician Tools: This set of tolls allows you to run wiring and setup and troubleshoot networks both wired and wireless. You cannot use this skill to hack into a network.
  • Electrician Tools: Allow you to run electrical wiring and can be an electrician.
  • Electronic Repair Tools: With this set of small screwdrivers and soldering tools allows you to attempt to repair electronic devices. Base TN is 20 and for every 5 you roll over, you “heal”/repair 1d6 damage to an electronic device.
  • Automotive Repair Tools: with this you can fix and modify vehicles with existing parts/enhancements. To replace a part requires a TN of 20. To repair damage, the base TN is 20 and for every 5 you roll over you repair 1d6 damage to an automobile.
  • Aeronautic Repair Tools: Like Automotive Repair Tools, but for air vehicles including fixed-wing, VTOL, and rotary vehicles.
  • Robotics Tools: These tools allow you to build, repair, and program robots and drones. You can install any level of AI into a robot, but you cannot program an AI yourself. That is done with the new skill Computer Use. You can however, program rudimentary commands that the robot or drone will follow exactly.


Though this remains the same for the most part, it can also be used for negotiations (which it could previously) of a more illicit nature (which it couldn’t previously). You can now use Persuasion as a Hook Up skill to obtain illicit goods (e.g. illegal unregistered weapons, military grade electronics and software, drugs–it’s always drugs).

Modern Thieves’ Tools

This is just an update to the existing Thieves’ Tools adding more tech to get around all the pesky modern security. As mentioned, it functions the same as the old tools, but can now be used on electronic locks and security.


This is now an additional skill under Dexterity. Unlike normal Vehicle proficiencies, Flying takes a bit more training, but once you have it you can use this skill to pull off maneuvers in the vehicle you’ve chose. It will essentially be Fly: [vehicle]. Here are the types that will cover a group of flying vehicles.

  • Fixed Wing: this allows you to fly any airplane with fixed wings including small personal craft, jet fighters, and commercial aircraft.
  • Aerodyne: this allows you to fly the various personal VTOL vehicles (the proverbial “flying car”).
  • Rotary: this allows you to fly helicopters of all sizes.

Note: just because you have skill and can fly the specific vehicle doesn’t mean you can afford it.


Medicine has not changed, but it now allows you to use the Combat Drugs detailed in the Equipment section.

Vehicle Proficiency

As with our world, many vehicles (cars, trucks, and motorcycles) have become so ubiquitous that pretty much everyone knows at least the basics to driving. However, there are some that are not quite as common and those require special skills. All types are listed below, but those with a special proficiency are noted. Here are the specific sub-types.

  • Motorcycle: allows you to ride any two-wheeled motor vehicle.
  • Automobile: allows you to drive cars of all sizes up to trucks.
  • Semi/Commercial: allows you to drive multi-axle vehicles with or without pulling trailers, such as caravans, busses, and semi-trucks. This is a special proficiency that must be taken.
  • Treaded: this allows you to drive treaded-vehicles like tanks, heavy construction equipment, and anything else that has treads instead of wheels. This is a special proficiency that must be taken.