Combat Drugs

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, they are drugs used in combat for support and healing. All of these drugs require the skill Medicine. To administer any of the drugs requires a “ranged touch attack.” However instead of using your regular attack bonuses, you use your skill in Medicine. And just like with an attack, you have a chance to Critically heal on a natural 20, if applicable. The ranged touch attack can either be by touch, as the vials can be loaded into air-powered dispensers and must be touched to the patient/target or through a ranged delivery system (wrist dart launcher for example).

Sub-Type Cost DMG Healed/Effect
Agaricus, 100cc 1000 per vial of 10 1d6
Agaricus, 200cc 2500 per vial of 10 2d6
Agaricus, 400cc 4000 per vial of 10 3d6
Cantharellus, 50cc 1500 per vial of 10 1d4/round for 1d4 rounds
Cantharellus, 100cc 3000 per vial of 10 2d4/round for 1d4 rounds
Cantharellus, 200cc 6000 per vial of 10 3d4/round for 1d4 rounds
Agaricus Spore Pod 3000 per pack of 3 pods 2d6
Cantharellus Spore Pod 6000 per pack of 3 pods 2d4/round for 1d4 rounds
Antivenin, animal 2000 per vial of 10 Cures poison from animal sources
Antivenin, plant 2000 per vial of 10 Cures poison from plant or fungal sources
Restorative Nanites 6000 per vial of 3 Acts as the spell Restoration
Synthetic Steroid 2000 per vial of 3 Same as Bull’s Strength, under Enhance Ability
Reflex Adrenal 2000 per vial of 3 Same as Cat’s Grace, under Enhance Ability
Pain-Supressing Barbituates 2000 per vial of 3 Same as Bear’s Endurance, under Enhance Ability

Drug Descriptions

Agaricus, 100cc, 200cc, 400cc: Specially engineered fungi that bind to and regenerate any damaged tissue. They come in pre-dosed vials in packs of six. Each vial heals instantly the damage listed in the chart.

Cantharellus, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc: Similar to the Agaricus, this fungus was engineered to bind to damage tissue to speed regeneration. However, this particular strain heals more slowly but for longer. Thus it restores hit points over a period of time. They come in pre-dosed vials in packs of six. Each vial heals instantly the damage listed and the damage listed over time for a number of rounds.

Agaricus Spore Pod (10m radius): This is a small globe filled with the Agaricus spores. It is mixed with other fine powers that allow it to be distributed over an area in a green and pleasant smelling cloud. When inhaled, the damage is healed immediately. Any creature in the radius that can breathe/inhale will gain the healing effects.

Cantharellus Spore Pod (10m radius): Same as the Agaricus spore pod, but with Cantharellus spores instead. Again, heals (over time) the hit points listed to any creature in the radius.

Antivenin, animal: you must make a Medicine check against the DC of each poison affecting the target. Success means that the poison is neutralized. A cured creature suffers no additional effects from the poison, and any temporary effects are ended, but the spell does not reverse instantaneous effects, such as hit point damage, temporary ability damage, or effects that don’t go away on their own. This Antivenin only works on poison and venom from animal sources.

Antivenin, plant: Acts the same as Antivenin, animal however it only works on poisons from plant sources. So, any poison from the creature type Plant can be cured/neutralized by these drugs.

Restorative Nanites: Billions of tiny nanobots are injected into the subject, reading its DNA and returning it to it’s base state. These act just like the spell Lesser Restoration.  Four doses will act as Greater Restoration.

Synthetic Steroid: A dose of a temporary steroid that gives the subject a burst of strength. Each dose acts as Bull’s Strength, under Enhance Ability.

Reflex Adrenal: A dose of synthetic adrenaline that gives the subject a boost in reflexes and agility. Each dose acts as Cat’s Grace, under Enhance Ability

Pain-Supressing Barbituates: A dose of various painkillers and stimulants that allow the subject to shrug off pain and damage.  Each dose acts as Bear’s Endurance, under Enhance Ability

Recreational Drugs

Much like our world, the denizens of Athas love to alter their state of mind and as with our world, the best way to do so is with a variety of drugs.

“Real-World” Drugs

Or drugs that are chemically exact and have the same colloquial name as on our world. The ones available in Athas are as follow:


The most common and fully legal drug is Alcohol. And as in the real world there are many variations on the theme, but in Athas, most alcohol is fruit based. There are some grain alcohols (such as beers and ales), but most is fruit based as the sugars in various fruits speed the fermentation process. Needless to say you can still have anything from beer to wine to whiskey to schnapps.

Alcohol is legal in all city states save for Nibenay. The cult religion that follows the sorcerer king of Nibenay, and who all citizens are required to adhere to, forbids alcohol consumption. Thus, alcohol is contraband in Nibenay. Because of this, there are very lucrative bootlegging operations run by Dwarf and Human Syndicate branches in Gulg.


Marijuana is available and legal in pretty much any city state. Though usually just referred to as “cannabis” (not “weed” as that is associated with Esperweed, detailed later), it is exactly like our world’s counterpart. And like our world’s counterpart, there seems to be much debate on its harmlessness. Thus, it is legal in all Free Cities save for Tyr. In Tyr, it is highly tolerated, but still not legal to sell or distribute. Thus, you can own and carry an amount of cannabis (up to 28 grams/1 oz.) and smoke it where smoking is permitted, but you cannot buy it anywhere in the city…legally. It is absolutely illegal and treated like any other drug in the Slave-Cities.


Like our world, smoking cigarettes used to be cool until its health detriments were discovered. Since then, there has been varying levels of acceptance up until 10 years ago when it was banned entirely. Seven years ago, Tobacco companies had the ban lifted provided that everyone used the vapor method of ingestion (like our world’s “vaping”) as it only harmed the recipient and not anyone around them. So, like in our world, there are e-Cigars/Cigarettes and Vapers of varying sizes and styles. No one has seen an actual cigarette, cigar, or even tobacco in seven years.


This is exactly like our world’s version and is considered an illegal narcotic in all city states.


Anything from heroin to prescription drugs exist in Athas as they do in our world. They are the same and have the same level of legality, i.e. pure forms like heroin and opium are illegal, but pill forms like Percocet, Acetaminophen/Oxycodone, and Vicodin are not provided you have a prescription. OR if you had a prescription but sold them to someone who doesn’t it’s the same as selling heroin or opium, etc. Again, very similar to our world.

Old Athasian Drugs

There weren’t many drugs specific to old Dark Sun, in fact there was only one. Here it is.


This rare and notoriously addictive herb cannot be cultivated, and does not last more than a single week after being picked, unless somehow magically kept fresh (as through the nurturing seeds spell). After esperweed is eaten, a DC 12 Fortitude save must be made. Failure results in nausea for one minute. If the save is made, the eater has managed to keep the esperweed down, taking 1d4 points of Strength damage (temporary), but you also begin to regain one power point per minute, up to 10% above your normal power point limit (round down). You also gain the Empathy power (if you don’t have/know it/or are non-psionic) as a psi-like ability that can be used once per day. Manifester level is equal to 1/2 hit dice/level (minimum 1st). These benefits last for one hour. after which you lose all remaining power points, that you didn’t have or were above your 10% max.

New Athasian Drugs

Some of these will mimic real-world equivalents that were not mentioned above, but mostly they are specific to Athas.


Very similar to meth amphetamines from our world. Because of its synthetic nature and reasonably easy chemical process, it is usually produced in small labs that much like in our world are run by under-qualified technicians and have a nasty habit of exploding in to flames. The effects of the SynthMeth (either “Synth” or “Meth”–like in our world) are exactly like real-world amphetamines with the same penchant for addiction.


The drug was originally developed to allow people a connection to the internet without cybernetics (specifically a cerebral processor and a WiFi Link). The drug induces brain activity that mimics the psionic power WiFi Link and essentially grants that power. Unfortunately, there are 2 catches: one, the drug was derived from Esperweed and is equally as addictive, and two, untrained non-psionic people have a habit of transferring their consciousness to the cyberplane where it can be lost permanently leaving their body an empty, drooling husk.

The current version is essentially the same, but it transports you to a specific site on the cyberplane that induces euphoria and allows you to “choose your own hallucinations”. However, like the original version, it is based on Esperweed, as it gives non-psionic enabled persons psi-like abilities, and it’s equally addictive.