The main armor worn on Athas is Adaptive Armor. It consists of a tight-fitting body suit made of energy-dispersing Kevlar, which, by itself provides a +2 to AC and is considered light armor. However, additional plating can be bought, adding to the armor. Though it is lighter and many of Armor Check Penalties are negated, it still requires the appropriate armor proficiency, still has the Max Dex Bonus limit. Here are the stats.

Adaptive Armor

Armor Cost AC DR Stealth Strength Weight
Adaptive (Base) 200c 12 + Dex 0 0 1lb
Light Plating 100c 2 S+P/5 0 1lb
Medium Plating 150c 4 P/5 Disadvantage 10lbs
Heavy Plating 400c +7 no Dex P/10 Disadvantage Str 13 25lbs

This is really the only effective armor available. “Ancient” armors exist, but are mostly decorative or ceremonial and convey no bonuses against modern weapons.


Essentially, you “build” your armor. You start with the base at AC 12, then you add the bonus the Plating provides. Then, you use the rest of the stats for that Plating as the bulky plates and the added weight bring it to the stats of that “total” armor.
Example: Titus decides to buy Heavy Adaptive Armor. He starts with the Base Bodysuit at AC 12, he adds the Heavy Plating at +7, bringing his total AC to 19. He then has no Dex bonus, a Disadvantage to Stealth, 30’ base movement speed, must have a minimum of 13 Strength score, and this total package weighs 25 lbs and is dependent upon him being proficient in Heavy Armor.

Additionally, you can buy “slotted” Adaptive Armor at ten times the base cost of the plating (the bodysuit remains the same price). This will give you 4 slots for magic and psionic modifications, as well as the ability to add plates at their normal cost.

Damage Reduction

Damage reduction (Listed as DR in the chart above) is a new addition to Armor, or new to modern armor. Damage reduction works the same in principle as it does in the base Pathfinder rules, meaning you ignore the amount from all damage, but it is bypassed by certain types of damage. In the chart above you’ll have S, a P, or a S+P followed by a / and a number. This tells you how much DR (5 or 10) is ignored from damage and what types (Slashing or Piercing). So if the armor above lists its DR as P/5, it will ignore 5 points of damage from all types of damage except piercing. If the armor is listed as S+P/5, it will ignore 5 points of damage from all types except Slashing and Piercing. This accounts for modern armor being geared more towards protecting people from gun fire and since it is the kinetic energy of a bullet (Bludgeoning or B) that causes damage, modern armor protects its wearer from gunshots pretty well. Unless they use armor piercing rounds (detailed in Weapons).


Shields are still available and are unchanged apart from materials. Most are round, but a “tower” shield is available and looks much like modern riot-shields.

Armor Modifications (Tech)

There are a few toys that can be added to the armor. Each set of Adaptive plating added to the Armor adds a few tech slots that can be filled with various modifications. These have nothing to do with the magic and psionic modifications. They are purely technology based and can only be modified with tech mods.

Tech Slots by Plating

Light 3
Medium 4
Heavy 5

Tech Slots by location

Light : 2 wrist, 1 body/plating or helm
Medium: 2 wrist, 1 body/plating, 1 helm or 1 back
Heavy: 2 wrist, 1 body/plating, 1 helm, and 1 back

Weapon Mods

Sub-Type Cost Damage Properties ROF
Mini-missile Launcher, Wrist (6) 400c 4d6  Ammunition (range 100/300) SS
Rail-shot, wrist 1000c 4d6  Ammunition (range 200/500) SS
Wrist-Blade, retractable 300c 1d6  Finesse, light
Dart Launcher, Wrist (20) 300c 1 pt  Ammunition (range 25/100) SS

Weapon Mod Descriptions

Wrist-mounted Mini-Missile Launcher: This weapon mod mounts on either wrist and has 6 mini-missiles arranged around the forearm that revolve into the top-mounted launcher. It is Single Shot (SS) rate of fire, so firing one missile is a full-round action.

Wrist Rail-Shot: a miniature rail-gun is mounted on the bracer of the armor. Because it takes a moment to charge and fire, the rate of fire is Single Shot (SS), thus it takes a full round action to fire. However, because the particle is fired at the target at the speed of light, it bypasses all armor, thus a ranged touch attack is all that is needed. After the shot is fired, it takes 5 rounds to recharge for another shot.

Retractable Wrist-Blade: much like the name implies, a 2 ½ foot blade springs from a wrist mount allowing the character to attack at melee range. The blade extends and retracts instantly, allowing for quick draw.

Wrist-Mounted Dart Launcher: This weapon mod mounts on the wrist and projects darts towards the intended target. The dart itself only does 1 point of damage, but darts can be pre-loaded with poison or combat drugs. The launcher holds and can fire 20 darts. All poison rules apply.

Deterrent Mods

Sub-Type Cost DMG Rng Type ROF
Cloaking Panels 3000c
“Shock Skin” 800c 2d8 Touch Shock SS
Flash/Bang 1500c 1d6 10’ Stun SS

Deterrent Mod Descriptions

Cloaking Panels: these panels help the character blend into any background. They provide a +10 circumstance bonus to stealth while active, but can only remain active for 1d4 rounds. Once the number of rounds is up, it takes another 2d4 rounds to charge for use again.

The “Shock Skin”: this charges the plates, so that if touched by a hostile enemy, the attacker instantly takes 2d8 damage. Thus, if the attacker attempts a grapple, or some sort of touch attack (not ranged touch), they instantly take 2d8 damage and must make a Fortitude Save (DC 25) or let go.

Flash/Bang: Small panels in the belt pop open and several small flash/bang explosives fire outward potentially blinding and deafening anyone within a 10’ radius. Anyone caught in the radius must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15) or be blinded and deafened. This means everyone, even the character activating this deterrent. However, they know they are activating it and can take precautions, thus gaining Advantage on their roll. An additional +3 will can be added to the roll if the character is wearing a helmet.

Utility Mods

Type Cost
Grappling Mod 300c
Interfacing Attachment 150c
Jet Pack 400c

Grappling Mod:  Shoots a grapple that will attach to walls and support up to 600lbs. Can be attached to the wrist or the back. The line length is 100ft and will retract at 20ft per round. Retracting the line will also take the player with it, aiding in ascending. The speed is still 20ft per round.

Interfacing Attachment:  Attaches to the back of the hand and counts as a wrist slot. A multi-interface cable can be extended to plug into any device allowing the character an attempt to Hack and/or bypass electronic security. Must have Computer Use and a personal communicator connected to your PAN.

Jet Pack:  Yeah, it’s a jet-pack. However, it only allows for assisted jumps and descents. It DOES NOT allow for flight. When activated, it gives you a +30 bonus to Athletics or Acrobatics rolls to jump, or ignores 50’ of falling damage.

Helmet Mods

Type Cost
Low Light Vision 300c
Thermal Imaging 300c
AR Targeting Array 500c

Helmet Mod Descriptions

Low Light Vision:   Grants Low Light Vision up to 60 ft.

Thermal Imaging:   Grants the wearer the ability to see heat images

AR Targeting Array:  Grants a +2 bonus to hit. This stacks with other bonuses, but not SmartGun bonuses.