Network Access

Technopath Discipline

You learn to interface with computers, and machines and devices controlled by them, with your mind.

     Psychic Focus.  While focused on this discipline, you can establish a WiFi link with any WiFi enabled computer or device.  This works just like the cybernetic implant, meaning you still need the WiFi password, or failing that you can hack it.  Hacking a WiFi link is done normally, again you’re just using your mind and not a cybernetic implant.

/Root (3, 5, or7 Psi).  With this power, you take over a network and establish yourself as sole admin.  To do so, you use your Computer Use skill vs the network’s Reboot Defense Bonus (RDB). You need not reduce the firewall to 0 as this power penetrates any defenses and immediately sets you as admin upon completion.

Like with the Hijack Program, you can roll multiple times to achieve the higher RDB scores. Each time you do counts against that network’s firewall’s reboot time (1-5 rounds). However, unlike with a Hijack Program, or several hackers with a Hijack Program, you must go it alone. Unless you spend more psi points.

If you spend 3 psi points, you have to beat the RDB alone.  If you spend 5 psi, you are considered 2 computers with a Hydra interface and can double your rolls per round.  If you spend 7 psi, you are considered 3 computers.

Virus (5 psi).  You plant a virus into a computer you’ve established a WiFi link with.  The virus can take effect immediately or you can choose to have it activate any time up to 3 days later.  You have the option to plant 2 types of viruses.

The first type is a disabling virus, or any computer that is infected must make a Processor save (roll a d20 + the Processor bonus) versus your Discipline save or be disabled.  Disabled does not mean destroyed.  It just means that the computer is unusable until it is repaired (Computer Use check versus you Discipline save).

The second type is a “backdoor” virus, or any computer affected by the virus immediately gives you access at any time until the virus is discovered and removed.  Removing it is unfortunately easy, but finding it requires a Computer Use versus your Discipline save.  Again, if it is discovered, it is removed with a simple Computer Use check DC 15.