Classes 5e

There are negligible differences in the classes in Dark Sun. However, a few have some significant differences.

A Quick Note About Psionics and Psionic Classes

As WoC has not release any official Psionic rules or classes yet, the 3 above Psionic classes (Psion, Psychic Warrior, and Psi-Blade) have been “converted” from the existing Pathfinder rules. Though the classes’ progression and features have been modified to fit 5e, the psionic powers themselves have not. Thus, the class is updated, but their various powers are still on Pathfinder rules.


The way spells work in 5e, as in casting lower-level spells with higher level slots, is similar to the way psionic powers are Augmented (see Manifesting and Augmenting). Since the rules are pretty similar, it’s a more-or-less one-for-one conversion. The only thing that changes would be saving throws and actions. Here is a quick chart to use for equivalent saving throws.

Pathfinder Saving Throws 5e Saving Throws
Reflex Save Dexterity Save
Forititude Save Constitution Save, Strength Save
Will Power Save Intelligence Save, Wisdom Save

Where 2 saves are listed, use your best judgement. For example, if something calls for a Will save and affects the target’s free-will (such as a charm or attraction power), then use a Wisdom save. If the power calls for a Will save but directly affects the target’s brain (such as Mind Thrust), then use an Intelligence save. When in doubt, for Fortitude saves, default to Constitution saves; Will saves, default to Wisdom saves.

As with saving throws, here is a conversion chart for actions.

Pathfinder Actions 5e Actions
Move Action Reaction
Standard Action Attack Action
Free Action Bonus Action
Swift Action Bonus Action
Full Round Action Attack Action