Character Creation – 5e

All Character Creation rules for D&D 5e apply with the following changes.

All abilities start at 10
You get 27 points
Increasing attributes costs:
11-14 = 1:1
15-16 = 2:1*
17-18 = 3:1*

*yes you can have unmodified stats that start above 15

This is usually  more than 5e gives, but just as with the original 2e version of Dark Sun, the world of Athas is a bit more dangerous and the people a bit more hardy and/or exceptional.

You can use any character sheet you’d like, or you can use this online version here.

To use this sheet, first make a copy by going to File > Make a Copy. When first clicking on the link, you’ll have to request access, but Read Only access will be granted. Once you make a copy, you can edit your copy as needed.

Instructions for the “Start” Tab

Getting Started

Step 1

From the drop down to the left, choose your Primary Class.  In the cell next to it, put your level.  If you start at level 1 put a “1” in the cell or put whatever level number you DM allows you to start at.

Step 2

When you gain a level, delete the previous number in the “Select Level” cell and put in your new level.

Step 3

(Optional) When you gain a level, choose a 2nd class for your Multiclass and like at creation put a 1 in the “Select Level” field.

Starting Vitals Instructions

Step 1

Choose your Race from the drop-down menu.  You will notice that the following options (Character Level, Total HP, and Next Level) are already completed.  This will be true when you increase in level and complete Step 5 from above.

Step 2

Then choose your Alignment from the drop-down list. Once chosen, finish completing your Age, Height, Weight, Gender, and Hair color.

Step 3

Distribute your 27 points among your attributes.  You must change the number in the cell, do not add to it.  For example, if you want to raise your STR from 10 to 12, delete the 10 in the STR cell and put in 12.  The appropriate ponts will be deducted from the total.  The chart to the side is for your reference.  And as it states, no stat can be higher than 18 at creation unless it is boosted by a racial bonus.

Final and Progression Attributes


You will only use this section at character creation if you choose Half-Elf as your race. If you have chosen Half Elf, increase 2 other attributs by putting a 1 into the cell next to the desired attribute in the appropriate column. Additionally, if you gain any stat bonuses due to Cybernetic or Bionic replacements or implants, put them here in the appropriate column and they will be calculated into your base stats.

Attribute Bonus

When you level up and gain the feature/option to increase your Attribute Points, put them in the Attribute Bonus column. Of course, if you opt out and choose a feat instead, you may do so, but if the Feat also raises a particular attribute, put that increase in this column.

Instructions for the “Character” Tab

Once are you done with the start page, go to the attribute section on the Character tab and select which Attributes you gain a Saving Throw with. Put a Y in the column if your class grants you Proficiency in that attribute’s Saving throw. If not, leave it blank or put an “N”, your choice, and just the attribute bonus will be calculated.

Once you are done with Saving Throws, fill out your skills in the skills section. Choose which skills your are proficient in (according to the options from your class), by putting a “P” in the Proficient column. This will calculate your full skill bonus with your Proficiency Bonus and the appropriate attribute for the skill. Additionally, if you are a class with the Expertise option, or if a path, feat or other option gives you a bonus on your skill, put an “E” in the Expertise column and your Proficiency bonus will be doubled properly and the appropriated attribute added. (Example Shown in picture).

Once done with Skill, move on to Tools. Like with skills, put a “P” in the Proficient column or an “E” in the Expertise column as appropriate. Same with Musical Instruments.

Once done with Tools and Musical Instruments, go to the next section and fill out your Class Features. There should be enough rows for all classes. Make any notes you like, double up in cells, it is up to you.

Once done with Class Features, and at the appropriate level, put your Path, Circle, Domain, etc (usually what you gain at 1st or 3rd level) for your class into the space provided at the top and then fill out the features as you gain them for that Path, Circle, Domain, College, Oath, whatever your class calls them.

Once done with Path features, fill out any racial bonuses (not to attributes), skills, or abilities you get.

Once done with Racial Features, put down your automatic and bonus languages in the Language section and fill out any extra granted by high Intelligence.

Once done with Language, pick/buy your equipment and magic items (as you gain them).

Once done with that, record any cybernetics you buy or acquire. Put the appropriate Constitution Cost (CC) into the column and it will be calculated above, under your attributes and next to your HP.

Next, fill out the weapons section. First choose Melee, Ranged, Melee Finesse, or Monk Weapon from the Melee/Ranged cell. Once done, the Weapon cell will have a drop-down of all the available weapons for that weapon type. Once you choose the one you want, most of the cells will fill automatically. The ones that won’t :

  • Enh: or Enhancement. This is the +1 – +3 that you can get on magic weapons. Put the appropriate bonus there (without the +, just the number) and it will be calculated in your to hit.
  • Qty: or Quantity. Put the number of that weapon that you have in that cell. This is mostly for your reference and has no effect on the listed stats.
  • Wield: choose which wield style. Again, it has no effect on the stats and is just there for your reference.

After your weapons, the next section is Armor. Choose your armor from the drop-down. Since you build your armor from the Adaptive base up, when you choose the plating (light, medium, or heavy), it auto-calculates your AC including the Adaptive base. So no need to add that. Likewise, all your other stats are auto-filled, except for Enh, which like with weapons, is the Enhancement to that armor. If you gain/acquire magic armor with a +1 – +3, put the appropriate bonus (without the +, just the number) in this cell and your AC will adjust accordingly. All this information will be calculated at the top in your AC section automatically. Before moving on, go back to the top of the AC section and put any other applicable AC bonuses in their appropriate cells. It will adjust your AC accordingly. Additionally, be sure to record any Cybernetic armor in this section (Skinweave, Dermal Plating, Limb armor, etc). However, since most of it only stacks once, be sure to only put one Cybernetic armor in this section.

After you’ve chosen and recorded your Armor, go to the Communicator/Computer section at the bottom and choose which device you want from the drop-down. The stats for that device will auto-fill in the appropriate cells. If you want to modify your Comm/Computer with additional processors or RAM, go below and select the appropriate upgrade. The stats will adjust accordingly. Once done with that, choose any programs/apps you want from the drop-downs and their stats will auto-fill. However, they will not count towards your PP until they are “active”. You mark them as active with an “x” in the Act column. One active, it will subtract from your PP appropriately and remember if the cell reaches 0 or goes negative, you have too many active programs and must deactivate (or remove the x from the column) some programs/apps.

Instructions for the “Spells” Tab

If you are not playing a spell-casting class, you can hide this tab and you are essentially done. To do so right-click the tab and choose “Hide Sheet” from the options.

For all spell-casting classes, the first thing to do is at the top choose your main spell-casting attribute. Once done, in your spells per day (both known and allotted) will be the DCs to save vs that level of spell based on your spell-casting attribute. Also, you’ll notice that your spells per day (allotted) will already be filled out. Additionally, the various Warlock casting stats (Number of Cantrips, Spells per day, Spells known, Highest spell slot, and Invocations) are in the same section and auto-filled as you choose levels in Warlock. If you choose warlock, also choose the drop down “Casting Class” in the spell list section. When you do, the Spells Per Day for the other casters cells will disappear. However, your DCs to save for your spells per level are pertinent and still calculated to the left.

Next, fill out your Domain, School, Oath, Circle or Patron as appropriate. And once chosen, fill out the bonus spells.

Next, fill out your School or Sorcerous Origin features. You filled this out on the Character tab, so it’s up to you if you want to copy it here as well.

At the top of the Spell List section, choose your casting class from the drop-down. A link to that class’ spell list will appear to the right for your reference.

Lastly, pick your spells and put them in the appropriate cells for that spell’s level. Easier than deciding which spells. There is a column for whether that spell is memorized for the day or just in the spell book. If you run out of space, again, at the bottom there are plenty more cells or you can add more. Or you can even make a copy of the tab. Right click and choose “Copy sheet”. You will get an exact duplicate, including any cells you already filled out, but you can erase those spells and put in any more you need.

Instructions for the “Psionic Powers” Tab

This is done almost like the Spell tab. The only difference is the Spells per day is now Power Points per day and are calculated based on your primary psionic ability (which you need to choose), class and level (which are done automatically). Choose your discipline and discipline powers. Then choose your psionic powers. Done.

Also, at the top there is a Psionic Class drop-down. Choose your class and to the right a link to the power list will appear for your reference.

Also, like with the Spells tab, if you’re a class that does not do Psionic, or doesn’t do either, you can hide the tab by right clicking it and choosing “Hide Sheet.”