Cypher Vehicles

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These are the vehicles available to players.  There are, of course, more vehicles in existence, such as military planes and tanks, boats of all sizes, etc.  But the vehicles below are the only ones that are available to players for purchase.

Name Armor HP Crew Acc/Dec Drive MaxSpeed Weight Fuel MPU Range Price
Scootway 1 4 1 30′ AWD 30 mph 80 lbs 2 x Cube 100 20/j a hour 5 hours 800c
Moped 1 5 1 50′ RWD 50 mph 250 lbs 1 gas x80 miles 80 miles 1000c
Off-Road Bike 1 7 1 60′ RWD 100 mph 270 lbs 2 gas x50 miles 100 mile 2300c
Street Cruiser 1 7 1 (2) 60′ RWD 160 mph 600 lbs 4 gas x40 miles 160 miles 10kc
Street Racer 1 7 1 100′ RWD 220 mph 320 lbs 3 gas x40 miles 120 miles 8000c
Jolt Bike 1 8 1 140′ RWD 280 mph 360 lbs Super 1 250/j a mile 40 miles 40kc
Name Armor HP Crew Acc/Dec Drive MaxSpeed Weight Fuel MPU Range Price
Micro 2 Seater 1 9 2 50′ FWD 70 mph 900 lbs Block 2k 60/j a mile 33 miles 6000c
Compact Economy 1 10 3 60′ FWD 80 mph 1500 lbs 14 gas x25 miles 350 miles 12kc
Dune Buggy 1 10 2 50′ 4WD 90 mph 1400 lbs 12 gas x26 miles 312 miles 10kc
Mid-Sized Sedan 1 10 4 60′ RWD 100 mph 3000 lbs 16 gas x22 miles 352 miles 20kc
Luxury Sedan 1 12 6 60′ AWD 160 mph 3200 lbs 16 gas x20 miles 320 miles 35kc
Sports Car 1 10 2 80′ RWD 200 mph 3000 lbs 22 gas x12 miles 264 miles 25kc
Super Jolt Car 2 12 2 120′ RWD 260 mph 3200 lbs Super 7 500/j a mile 140 miles 100kc
1/2-Ton Truck / SUV 2 13 2 (8) 60′ 4WD 120 mph 4000 lbs 24 gas x14 miles 336 miles 20kc
Name Armor HP Crew Acc/Dec Drive MaxSpeed Weight Fuel MPU Range Price
SUV/Van 2 15 6 (9) 50′ AWD 160 mph 3700 lbs 22 gas x14 miles 308 miles 30kc
1-Ton Truck, Dualie 2 15 4 (12) 50′ AWD 100 mph 4000 lbs 26 gas x12 miles 312 miles 25kc
2-Ton, 3-Axle 2 15 4 (14) 40′ RWD 100 mph 6000 lbs 34 gas x10 miles 340 miles 35kc
Semi Tractor 2 20 2 (4) 50′ RWD 120 mph 18,000 lbs 2×50 gas x6 miles 600 miles 80kc
Semi Trailer 2 20 0 (80) -10′ -10 mph 30,000 lbs -x2 miles (400 miles) 20kc
Bus 35′-25 passangers 3 25 27 50′ RWD 120 mph 25,000 lbs 50 gas x6 miles 300 miles 60kc
Bus 50′-60 passangers 3 35 62 50′ RWD 90 mph 40,000 lbs 100 gas x3 miles 300 miles 140kc
Name Armor HP Crew Acc/Dec Drive MaxSpeed Weight Fuel MPU Range Price
Sky Bike 1 9 1 100′ 2FAN 260 mph 700 lbs 6 xg x18 miles 108 miles 25kc
Mini Aerodyne 1 10 1 (2) 80′ 2FAN 220 mph 900 lbs 10 xg x16 miles 160 miles 20kc
2-seated Compact 1 12 2 90′ 3FAN 260 mph 1200 lbs 20 xg x10 miles 200 miles 50kc
Luxury Sedan 1 12 4 80′ 4FAN 240 mph 2800 lbs 26 xg x8 miles 208 miles 120kc
Van 2 20 2 (8) 80′ 6FAN 200 mph 3000 lbs 32 xg x6 miles 192 miles 140kc
Jolt Aerodyne 2 20 2 140′ 4FAN 320 mph 2800 lbs Super 12 600/j a mile 200 miles 250kc

Chart Description

Here is what each column means

Name: Name of vehicle. These are very generic types that represent several different makes and models. There are too many to list, but they generally all have the same statistics/performance. See specific descriptions below for more details (but not much more).
Armor: Armor class of vehicle. This can be raised by buying Armor Plating (see below)
Hardness: This is the vehicles resistance to damage, treat it like damage reduction (DR).
HP: Hit points of the vehicle. When this reaches 0, the vehicle is inoperable. If it goes to -10 the vehicle is destroyed beyond repair. Like with players at -1 to -9, the vehicle is “dying”, but only loses 1 HP per round if it is used. If the driver/operator stops using the vehicle, then it will remain at its current negative HP until repaired. HP can be increased by buying Chassis Reinforcements (see below)
Crew: This is the number of passengers the vehicle is intended for including driver. A number in a bracket (#) is the number of possible passengers that can still sparingly occupy the vehicle, but is not an absolute limit. Any passengers exceeding the normal amount causes a -1 for all skills for all passengers including the drivers.
Acc/Dec: Acceleration and Deceleration in MPH per round. It’s listed in feet, but obviously most vehicles can move faster than this in ~6 seconds. However, this is relative to players. All rules for movement still apply meaning they can move at x2, x3, x4, or x5 the Speed/Rnd, but in doing so they take a cumulative -2 to their Ride skill checks. So at x2, you are at a -2. At x5, you are at a -8. Speed/Rnd can be increased by better Tires (see below). Handling at different speeds, thus reducing the penalties, can be increased by buying Performance Suspensions (see below).
Drive: This is the drive type of the vehicle, indicating if it is Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), Front Wheel Drive (FWD), All Wheel Drive (AWD), 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) or for Aerodynes the number of Lift fans it has. There are some advanced driving and mechanical rules that do require knowing what type of the drive system the vehicle has.
Max Speed: Is just that, the top speed of the vehicle. This can be increased by buying either Nytro-Boosts (temporary boost, see below) or better Engines (permanent, but not as dramatic increase, see below)
Fuel: Fuel indicates fuel capacity, mostly how many gallons and type of gas. In some cases it will list a battery type.
MPU: Miles Per Unit (MPU) indicates how far the vehicle can travel on a single unit of fuel (for gas a unit is a gallon). Battery powered units however indicate how many Jolts are consumed per hour.
Range: Calculates how far the vehicle can go with a fuel tank using the MPU column for you so you don’t have to do the math.
Price: This is the price in Calories (or KiloCalories) of the vehicle. As you can see most are pretty expensive, but most city-states have excellent public transportation.

Specific Vehicle Descriptions

Again there are dozens of car manufacturers on Athas (just as many on earth) and they all make standard “Lot Models.” What is represented in the charts are those “Lot Models”, by adding various modifications, you make the vehicle your own.  Additionally, the vehicle descriptions are the same as the DnD 5e, so refer here for specific descriptions.

Vehicle Accessories

Name Benefit Penalty Price
Armor I +1 to Armor -5 to Max Speed 5000c
Armor II +2 to Armor -10 to Max Speed 10kc
Armor III +3 to Armor -15 to Max Speed 20kc
Reinforced Chassis I +10 to HP -5 to Speed/Rnd 10kc
Reinforced Chassis II +10 to HP -10 to Speed/Rnd 30kc
Performance Tires +10 to Speed/Rnd (street only) Inability on driving on rough terrain 7500c
Off-Road Tires +10 to Speed/Rnd (rough terrain) -10 to Max Speed (street only) 6000c
Performance Suspension Asset to Driving for Maneuverability None 10kc
Off-Road Suspension Asset to Driving for Maneuverability None 10kc
Nytro Boosts +30 MPH to max speed for 1d4 rounds None 5000c
Performance Engine +10 MPH to max speed None 12kc
Torque Engine +10k LBS to towing capacity None 10kc

Much like your own accessories, you can purchase these additions to your vehicle. You can add the benefit, but make sure you apply the penalty as well. All of these are pretty easily obtained and you can either have them professionally installed (price listed) or you can install them yourself for 3/4th the price listed. The DC to install any of these is 45, like with Computer Use, each roll is cumulative and will help you reach the goal, but each roll is also 4 hrs of work. So if it takes you 3 rolls to reach DC 45, then you spent 12 hrs installing the accessory.