Cypher Cybernetics

This section will cover all the possible enhancements and additions you can make to your character through the wonders of technology. As you may have noticed from the title, there are two types of enhancements: Cybernetics and Bionics. And yes, there is a difference.


This is your “classic” mechanical enhancement to your body. It is the blending of man(beings) and machines. Since the parts are usually of a synthetic nature (previously metal, but the majority of Cybernetics in the current setting are made of carbon-fiber), they hinder the character’s ability to do psionics and magic. Thus, having cybernetics will reduce the character’s effectiveness when it comes to using psionics and magic. This will be discussed later under the Constitution Cost section.


This is the more “natural” solution that mimics cybernetics, but is a lot less invasive. Instead of “machine” replacement parts, Bionics is a mix of genetic treatments or vat-grown, biologic replacements that are baseline your own DNA, but enhanced to match what cybernetics can do. Unfortunately, this makes them much more expensive, but they don’t have a Constitution Cost and therefore do not affect psionics or magic.

Constitution Cost

All Cybernetics will come with a Constitution Cost (CC). This will be listed with the individual cybernetic piece on the chart and in its description. The CC for each piece is subtracted from your Constitution Pool.  Your Constitution Pool (Con for short) is equal to your Might Pool, but separate.  When you install a Cybernetic it does not take away directly from your Might Pool, instead just from your Con. Since your might pool is a measure of health and vim, it is also a measure of how much “damage” your body can take and be replaced with machine. So, you do not lose anything from your Might, but you cannot have more cybernetics than your Constitution Pool allows. You cannot go below 1 after all CCs are subtracted from your Constitution.


Tim the Street Warrior ran afoul a nasty group of Clown Gang thugs. Though he survived, they did blow off half of his right arm. He decides to get the whole thing replaced. A new cybernetic arm has a CC of 2. Tim’s Might and therefore his Constitution Pool is 14. After the surgery, his Constitution Pool is now 12. The Cybernetic arm does not take away from his Might Pool, but it does replace a large chunk of his body. Deciding he likes the arm, he now wants a matching pair, so he gets the other arm replaced as well. This now brings his Constitution Pool to 10. Now he’s hooked. He keeps getting more and more replaced until eventually his Constitution Pool is now 1.25 (yes it can be decimals and fractions). This is fine so long as he doesn’t go below 1.

If you go below 1, your character does not survive the surgery. So, it is highly advisable that you do not go below 1.

Effects on Psionics and Magic

As mentioned before, Cybernetics adversely affect psionics and magic. For every point of CC you will lose 1 point from your Intellect Pool, permanently.  Now this doesn’t make you any less intelligent, but it does limit the number of Intellect powers and defense you can muster.  It also makes your “last pool” when taking damage smaller.  So choose your cybernetics wisely.

Cybermages “regain” the lost CC points once they link with their Cyber-Deck.  Before they do, their Intellect Pool is reduced normally as stated above. If they lose their Deck or it is destroyed, the train from CC returns to their Intellect pool.  This only counts for the Cerebral Processor and their Neural Augments (2 arms), for a total of 6 CC points.  Any additional cybernetics will cause drain to their Intellect Pool as normal.

Bionics do not have a CC, so for Psionic and Magic classes it is advisable to use Bionics instead…if you can afford it.

The “Cyber” Foci

There are 2:  Fuses Flesh and Steel and Fuses Mind and Machine.  The abilities granted by these Foci are similar to and can be “built” using the cybernetics below…or something close anyway.

Cybernetics do not invalidate these Foci.  Rather, these foci now represent a “deeper” connection with cybernetics.  Meaning, that gaining abilities from these Foci allow you to completely ignore any CC costs.  Now if you take any cybernetics listed below on top of what is granted to you by either Focus, then you do incur any appropriate CC.

Cybernetics and Bionics

Below are the charts with general descriptions of Cybernetics and Bionics available to characters. But first, is an explanation of the columns. Since there is more or less a Bionic equivalent of every Cybernetic, though not always, the charts are combined into one. Here are the columns:

Name: this is the name of the cybernetic or bionic part.
Benefit: this will give a brief description of the benefits gained from the part
CC: This is the Constitution Cost of the part. The CC listed only applies to the Cybernetic part.
Price: This is the cost in currency of the part. They will be listed with a “ / “ and will be the cost of Cybernetics first, then Bionics, so Cybernetic price/Bionic price. If an “NA” appears in the Bionic price, it means there is no Bionic version available.


Body Replacements
Name Benefit CC Price
Replacement Arm 1 Might Edge for each arm, max 2 2 2000c/NA
Replacement Leg +5ft to speed per leg, max +10 ft to base speed 3 2500c/NA
Replacement Hand Asset to climbing checks 1 1000c/NA
Replacement Heart Trained in any rolls/checks for endurance based tasks, e.g. long distance running 2 1500c/20kc
Replacement Lungs Trained any rolls/checks for endurance based tasks and to Swim checks involving holding breath 2 1300c/15kc
Replacement Liver Asset to resist poisons, toxins, and other drugs 3 1600c/12kc
Muscle I 1 Edge to Might or Speed (player’s choice) 2 3000c/35kc
Muscle II 2 Edge to Might or Speed (player’s choice) 4 6000c/50kc
Muscle III 3 Edge to Might or Speed (player’s choice) 6 8000c/80kc
Bone Reinforcement +4 to Might pool 7 5000c/45kc
Arm Accessories
Name Benefit CC Price
Cyberdeck Cyberdeck installed in Cyberarm. Requires a Cyberarm and takes up 2 Option Slots. Device cost x 2
Mounted Firearm You can mount a Medium or Light pistol onto your arm directly. It does normal weapon damage Weapon cost x 10
Retractable Blade(s) You can mount either the equivalent of a Light or Medium Weapon onto your arm that retracts and extends on command. 1000c
Revolving Mini-Missile Mount Mounts to a cybernetic arm. Does Medium Weapon damage to an area 700c
Wrist Mounted Rail-Shot Mounts to a cybernetic arm. Does Medium Weapon damage, but ignores armor. 1500c
Wrist-Mounted Grapple Launcher Mounts to a cybernetic arm. Gives an asset to climbing or grappling a target 650c
Shield Panel, Small Mounted on the forearm is a small slit that collapsing panels spring from and provide a small round shield. Provides an asset to Might Defense 400c
Shield Panel, Medium Mounted on the forearm is a small slit that collapsing panels spring from and provide a medium round shield. Provides an asset to Might Defense 550c
Techscanner Techscanner installed in Cyberarm or Cyberhand. Helps diagnose broken tech. Grants an asset to diagnose issues with broken/damaged tech 550c
Tool Hand Fingers contain screwdriver, wrench, small drill, and other tools. Grants an asset to repair broken/damaged tech 550c
Medscanner Medscanner installed in Cyberarm or Cyberhand. Helps diagnose illness and injury. Grants an asset to first-aid or medicine skills 550c
Armor Plating Armor plates are added to protect the arm from damage. You gain a 1 armor. This stacks with armor, but not other cybernetic armor. 800cc
Leg Accessories
Name Benefit CC Price
Hidden Thigh Holster Panels on your thigh open up and you can any size pistol, but nothing larger 350c
Speed Servos +10 to base movement. Requires 2 Cyberlegs. 1300c
Super-Speed Servos +20 to base movement and can run at a top speed of 120 kmph. Requires 2 Cyberlegs. 15kc
Enhanced Hydraulic Joints +10 ft to jump distance for long and high jumps.  Also provides an asset to Jumping.  Requires 2 Cyberlegs. 3000c
Armor Plating Armor plates are added to protect the leg from damage. You gain a 1 armor. This stacks with armor, but not other cybernetic armor. 800c
Cerebral Implants
Name Benefit CC Price
Cerebral Processor A microprocessor implanted in the brain where the cerebrum and spinal chord meet. This is required for all other Cerebral Implants 2 1500c/NA
SmartGun Interface A wireless access node is attached to the Cerebral Processor that allows for a link to a SmartGun enabled weapon. Without this you do not gain the benefits of a SmartGun enabled weapon. 0.5 600c/NA
Universal WiFi Link A WiFi connection is added to your Cerebral Processor allowing you to link to various electronic devices provided they also are WiFi/Wireless enabled 0.5 400c/NA
Reflex Booster I +1 to Initiative, 1 Speed Edge 1 1000c/15kc
Reflex Booster II +2 to Initiative, 2 Speed Edge 1.5 6500c/25kc
Reflex Booster III +3 to Initiative, 4 Speed Edge 1.75 20kc/75kc
Olfactory Boost Trained in skills involving scent and tracking by scent 0.5 600c/3000c
Tactile Boost Trained in perception via touch based 0.5 600c/3000c
Pain Editor Ignore penalties from the first Damage Track, subsequent penalties still apply 3 1400/5000c
SkillSet Processor Allows the use of/interface with SkillSet chips 2 1000c/NA
SkillSet Chip Interface Allows the character to plug in and swap out SkillSet chips 4 1000c/NA
Ocular Modifications
Name Benefit CC Price
Eye Replacement This is a basic replacement eye and is required for all other ocular modifications 1 1500c/15kc
Low Light Modification Grants Low Light Vision up to 60 ft 0.25 300c/3000c
Darkvision Grants Darkvision up to 60 ft 0.25 300c/3000c
Thermal Imaging Grants Thermal vision up to 60 ft 0.25 300c/3000c
Telescopic Vision Allows you to see up to 20x 0.5 450c/5000c
Microscopic Vision Allows you to see like a microscope 0.5 500/5500c
Anti Dazzle Grants an asset on checks vs Blind and hypnosis/charm 0.75 1000c/10kc
Camera Implant Allows video recording and photos 0.25 150/NA
Image Enhancement Trained in perception and visual searching/investigation 0.25 400c/5500c
Corporeal Modifications and Implants
Name Benefit CC Price
Biomonitor Subdermal implant which generates a readout of vitals. Can link to Communicator or other device. Note: This is only available as cybernetics, but since it has 0 CON loss, it can be implanted without any other cybernetics. 0 100c
Skinweave I 1 Armor (Stackable) 4 2000c/20kc
Skinweave II 2 Armor (Stackable) 6 6000c/55kc
Skinweave III 3 Armor (non-stackable) 8 10kc/80kc
Subdermal Plating 4 Armor (non-stackable) 10 7000c/65kc
Gills Replacement lungs required. Allows underwater breathing 3 5000c/15kc
Adrenal Booster When activated, gives you 1 Edge to Might and Speed for 2d4 rounds 3 4000c/12kc
Nasal Filters Filters toxic/noxious gases. Grants asset to resist such gases 1 600c/1500c
Nanosurgeons I Doubles recovery dice results 0.25 6000c/18kc
Nanosurgeons II Heals 1d6 per minute. Applies to only Might or Speed pool 0.5 12kc/40kc
Nanosurgeons III Heals 1d6 every round. Applies to only Might or Speed pool 0.75 50kc/200kc
Subdermal Pocket 2” x 4” pocket with Realskinn zipper 2 100c/1000c
Setae Special, micro-folds are implanted on the skins of your palms and fingers.  Specialized in climbing tasks 1 500c/5000c
Name Benefit CC Price
Chemskin Dyes and pigments infused into the skin to permanently change its hue 0 100c/400c
EMP Threading Thin silver lines that run in circuit-like patterns across the body 0 100c/400c
Light Tattoo Subdermal patches store light and project colored tattoos under the skin. 0 100c/400c
Shift Tacts Color-changing lenses implanted into the eye. 0 100c/400c
Skinwatch Subdermally implanted LED watch. 0 100c/400c
Techhair Color-light-emitting artificial hair. 0 100c/400c

Cybernetic and Bionic Descriptions

These are the more detailed descriptions of the cybernetics and bionics previously listed. Each one will have the name and the CC in parentheses next to it.

Body Replacements

Replacement Arm (2): This is your standard replacement arm. As it is, it is a very skeletal-looking arm with a few hydraulic parts. Vat-grown muscle and skin can be added to this to make it look more real for another 1000c to the cost. Adding cybernetic Muscle will still make it mechanical looking and only costs 500c, but you can “chrome it out”. Each replacement arm comes with a hand and 3 Accessory slots.

Replacement Leg (3): This is your standard replacement leg. As it is, it is a very skeletal-looking leg with a few hydraulic parts. Vat-grown muscle and skin can be added to this to make it look more real for another 1000c to the cost. Adding cybernetic Muscle will still make it mechanical looking and only costs 500c, but you can “chrome it out”. Each replacement leg comes with 3 Accessory slots.

Replacement Hand (1): Sometimes included with the Replacement Arm, this is your standard mechanical hand. Again, as is it is a very skeletal looking hand, muscle and skin can be added at no extra cost, but it does not add any more benefits than what is listed. It can be bought separate from the arm if you only want to replace the hand. It is the same cost if you only replace the hand, or the arm up to the elbow. If you want to replace anything above the elbow, a full Replacement Arm must be purchased.

Replacement Heart (2): This replacement heart pumps blood at a much more efficient rate, thus the bonuses to endurance-type checks. There is a cybernetic version and a bionic version. The cybernetic version is susceptible to EMP. If a character has a cybernetic heart and is hit by an EMP blast, or any electricity effect (magic, psionic, or tech) they must make a Constitution save at DC 20. If successful, the heart is able to reboot and continue pumping, if not their heart stops and regardless of HP, they are considered to be at -1 HP. Any Medicine checks to stabilize a dying character will work (essentially their Medicine check goes into helping the heart reboot). If this happens and the Medicine check is successful, the character is unconscious, but returns to their current HP level. If not, they continue to lose 1 HP per round, just like any other character at -1 HP until they are stabilized. The bionic version is not affected by this.

Replacement Lungs (2): These are just replacement lungs and have no other benefits or hindrances other than what is listed on the chart.

Replacement Liver (3): This is just a replacement liver and has no other benefits or hindrances other than what is listed on the chart.

Muscle I, II, III (2/4/6): This is not a full replacement of every muscle on your body, but instead, key strategic replacements that will give you the stated benefits. Also the player must choose either to apply the Edge to their Might or Speed, not both. Now, they can have both, but it will be considered a separate part. For example, if you wanted the Edge to apply to both Might and Speed, you must buy Muscle I twice and the CC applies both times, so a 4 CC. This is because different muscle groups are enhanced for either agility and speed or strength and power.

Bone Reinforcement (7): This is probably the most invasive replacement surgery, though it really isn’t a replacement. With the cybernetic version, your bones are reinforced with a coating of form-fitting carbon fiber making them much more durable. In the bionic version, your bone density is increased on the genetic level making them more durable. In either case, they give the character the same benefits.

Arm Accessories

All Arm Accessories take up one of the 3 open slots on the Replacement Arm. They do not have any additional CC, but the accessory slots are limited.

Cyberdeck:  You can install either a Cyberdeck (as the name implies) and do cyber-magic (detailed here) or you can install one of the communicator devices listed in IT and Sundry.  However, due to space limitations, you can only install devices under the Hand-Held, Tablet, or Laptop/Notebook categories.  This option does take up 2 of the individual arm’s accessory slots.

Mounted Firearm: You are fitted with a barrel that pops up from your forearm. There is a slot on the inside of your forearm to load the magazine. This firearm is the equivalent of a light or medium pistol and has all the same stats including damage, range, and ROF. You cannot mount anything “heavier” than a light or medium pistol.

Retractable Blade(s): The plural option is there not because you can mount more than one, but you either have a “single” blade that extends and retracts, or you can have 2 or 3 claws that do the same. In either case the blades (single, double, or triple) have Light Weapon damage. You have the option of them either extending from the wrist or the back of the hand (Wolverine-style).

Revolving Mini-Missile Mount: This weapon mod mounts on either wrist and has 6 mini-missiles arranged around the forearm that revolve into the top-mounted launcher.  The missiles do Medium Weapon damage to an Immediate Area around the target.

Wrist Mounted Rail-Shot: a miniature rail-gun is mounted on the forearm. Because it takes a moment to charge and fire, the rate of fire is a full round action to fire. However, because the particle is fired at the target at the speed of light, it bypasses all armor, thus ignoring any Armor. After the shot is fired, it takes 5 rounds to recharge for another shot.

Wrist Mounted Grapple Launcher: Shoots a grapple that will attach to walls and support up to 600lbs. The line length is 100ft and will retract at 5ft per round. Retracting the line will also take the player with it, aiding in ascending. The speed is still 5 ft per round.

Shield Panel (Small/Medium): This accessory is mounted on the forearm like a bracer. On the outside of the forearm is a slit that the panels spring from. Depending on style, several hexagonal panels spring out and form a round shield, or several “pie-wedge” shapes spiral into the same form. Regardless of style, the end result is a round shield (small or medium) for the player to use. All shield rules apply.

Armor Plating: As the name implies, armor plates are applied to the arm providing a stackable 1 Armor. Though it technically only covers the arm, it does stack with any other armor (thus only 1). The armor is pliable and form fitting and does not restrict movement, thus any armor worn over it benefits from the bonus and no additional penalties are added. If you get 2 arms and armor plate both, the price includes armor plating for both (so the price is the same for one or both arms), but the Armor is still only 1 whether you plate one or both arms. However, the 1 does not stack with any other cybernetic plating (e.g. Replacement Leg Plating, Subdermal Plating, or Skinweave).

Leg Accessories

All Leg Accessories take up one of the 3 open slots on the Replacement Leg. They do not have any additional CC, but the accessory slots are limited.

Hidden Thigh Holster: This is essentially the Robocop pop-out holster. It can hold any size of pistol, but nothing bigger.

Speed Servos: Enhanced servos are added to the hip, knee, and ankle joints that increase running and movement speed. The +10 ft is to base movement.  Regular movement rules apply.

Super-Speed Servos: Super-Enhanced servos are added to the hip, knee, and ankle joints that increase running and movement speed. The +20 ft is to base movement.  However, the max speed of 120 kmph can only be reached with enough running distance. To reach max speed, you need at least 100 m of open space.

Enhanced Hydraulic Joints: The existing hydraulic joints are enhanced to store more potential energy and thus increase jump height. You gain an automatic 10 ft to your jump provided you succeed at the appropriated difficulty level set by the GM. This automatic 10 ft applies to either horizontal or vertical jumps.

Armor Plating:  Same as the Armor Plating for the arm, but for leg limb replacements.

Cerebral Implants

Cerebral Processor (2): This is the main control center for all your cerebral implants. Without this the other implants will not work unless they are the Bionic version. This implant does not grant any bonuses itself, but it does allow other implants to work with other cybernetics. These bonuses will be detailed in the specific implant’s description.

SmartGun Interface (.5): This is a dedicated, wireless link to any SmartGun enabled firearm. The encrypted link is proprietary and thus cannot be used with the standard Universal WiFi link. When active and while you’re wielding a SmartGun enabled firearm, you are granted the +1 to hit and damage bonus. If you have a cyber-arm and it’s the one wielding the gun, you gain an extra +1, thus +2 to hit and damage.

Universal WiFi Link (.5): As the name implies, it is essentially a wifi link to your cerebral processor. This allows you to link to your communicator, any WiFi enabled tablet or computer, or any WiFi enabled vehicle. If you are linked to your communicator, you will also have an Augmented Reality (AR) Field projected in your range of vision that will display various bits of information. You are the only one who can see your AR Field. What is displayed is controlled by your communicator, but can include a GPS enabled map, terminal prompt, information pop-ups, etc. If you link to any WiFi enabled tablet or computer, you can enter the Virtual Network (VN). Since it is a complete immersion, you cannot move or interact with the real world until your link is severed (either voluntarily or not). Additionally, if you have any drones or other remote device and/or vehicle that is controlled by computer or your communicator, your link will allow you to control these devices “mentally” and if they have some sort of camera, you can display that within your AR or VN field of view. If you link to any WiFi enabled vehicle, you gain an Asset to skill to operate the WiFi enabled vehicle and can control the vehicle mentally. However, the range on this is limited to 5 feet, so you still have to be inside the vehicle.

Reflex Booster I, II, III (1/1.5/1.75): All boosters, bionic or cybernetic, give the following standard benefits:

  • If you have 2 cybernetic legs, you also get an Asset on Speed Defense rolls.
  • If you have a cybernetic arm and it is wielding a weapon (or if you have 2 and are wielding 2), you gain an extra +1 to hit (not damage) for that weapon.

Each level gains the additional bonuses listed in the chart above.  They do not stack, but give that bonus, e.g. if you get level 1, you get +1 to initiative and 1 Speed Edge. Getting level 2 will not add +2 (giving you +3) to initiative and 2 more Edge to Speed.  You now just have +2 initiative and 2 Speed edge.  However, if you already have level 1, all you need to do is pay the difference to upgrade to your desired level in cash.  The CC cost to the next level is still the same.

Olfactory Boost (.5): Your sense of smell is boosted to super-human levels. You have an asset to notice smells or track by scent.

Tactile Boost (.5): Your sense of feeling is boosted to super-human levels. You have an asset to notice irregularities by touch.

Pain Editor (3): Your sense of pain has been diminished so that you shrug off most pain. You still take damage normally, but you ignore the penalties of the first Damage track.  Unfortunately, even technology can save you from the second Damage track or even death.  Those penalties still apply.

SkillSet Processor (1): This is an additional processor added to your cerebral processor that allows the use of SkillSet chips.

SkillSet Chip Interface (2): This is the interface where you insert your SkillSet chips. They are small chips that resemble SD cards. The interface comes with 4 slots which can all be active at once, thus giving you the potential of having 4 skills. The SkillSet Processor is required for this implant and can only handle 4 active skills at once. You could conceivably have 2 interface implants, but the extra 4 would be wasted and inactive as you would have to remove those and put them into one of the 4 active slots.

Ocular Modifications

Eye Replacement (1): This is a basic eye replacement and is required for any modifications. Even with the bionic, the entire eye needs to be replaced to add any of the below features. Each eye has 3 modification slots.

Low Light Modification (.25): Allows the eye to use Low Light vision up to 60ft.

Darkvision (.25): Allows the eye to use Darkvision up to 60ft.

Thermal Imaging (.25): Allows you to see thermal/heat patterns and thus in total darkness and through solid material. Each foot of solid material counts towards the total 60 ft max. So, if you are 30 ft away from a wall that is 4 ft thick concrete, you can still see 26 ft beyond that wall.

Telescopic Vision (.5): Allows you to see up to 20x magnification in your current vision.

Microscopic Vision (.5): Allows you to see down to the microscopic level. Because of the nature of the vision, you cannot move while using this vision.

Anti Dazzle (.75): This feature keeps you from being blinded by flash and filters out extraneous light. Thus you get an Asset to resist being Blinded by any effect that uses light to blind. If the Blind condition is caused by dust, or debris, or fluid being thrown into the eyes, this will not help. Additionally, it protects against light-based hypnosis or charm.

Camera Implant (.25): A simple digital camera implant that records video and takes photos. This is not available in Bionics.

Image Enhancement (.25): The light is filtered through the eyes enhancing vision clarity. Thus, you gain a bonus to all visual Perception checks.

Corporeal Modifications and Implants

Biomonitor (0):  Subdermal implant which generates a constant LED readout of pulse, temperature,
respiration, blood sugar, etc. You can link your Biomonitor to your communicator to allow it to
track your wellness.  This does not need to be linked to nor does it require any other cybernetics.  It is a fairly unintrusive implant that is injected subcutaneously and works independent of any other implant or device, but does require a connection to either a communicator or other device capable of data-readout.  Of course, there’s an app that manages your preferred Biomonitor.

Skinweave I, II, and II (4/6/8): Nano fiber strands are weaved into replacement skin, or in the case of the Bionic version, your existing skin. All levels grant a measure of Armor which for levels I and II are stackable with other armor, but not other cybernetic armor. Level III is not stackable. Like with the Reflex Boosters, Skinweave levels do not stack.  Additionally for each level, your skin becomes more “angular” or “geodesic”. Level I is smooth and supple and is no different from real skin. Level II has a noticeable color difference and is more angular. Level III looks as if you were chiseled from stone and not smoothed out on the edges.

Subdermal Plating (10): Hardened plates (carbon fiber for cybernetic and specially engineered bone for bionic) are placed directly under the skin. Because they are hard plates, you look as if your skin were stretched over a suit of armor. Because of this, you cannot wear any other armor, but clothes–baggy ones at that–will go over your skin/armor.

Gills (3): These require that you have replacement lungs. Additionally, if you get cybernetic gills, you have to have cybernetic lungs. If you get bionic gills, you have to have bionic lungs. You cannot mix and match. If you have both, you can breathe normally under water. However, like polluted air, polluted water will affect your ability to breathe normally. Speaking of air, the way the lungs and gills work together, you can breath above water as well.

Adrenal Booster (3): A small chip is placed near your adrenal gland that will cause a surge of adreneline to rush through you giving you the above described benefits.  This can only be activated once every four hours.

Nasal Filters (1): Simple filters line the inside of your nose and nasal cavity that filter out toxins. You gain the above benefits to Fortitude saves versus gas-based poisons and toxins.

Nanosurgeons I, II, and III (.25/.5/.75): Billions of tiny robots (or genetically enhanced, microscopic organisms) run through your bloodstream repairing damage and fighting off infection. The healing benefits described on the chart above can be applied to either your Might or Speed pool, not Intellect.  Along with the healing benefits listed on the chart above you gain the following benefits. Level I you gain an asset to Might Defense as it would apply to resisting toxins or poisons. Level II you are immune to all poisons. Level III you gain Levels II benefits as well as being immune to all natural diseases. You are still susceptible to magic diseases and poisons.

Subdermal Pocket (2): a simple pouch that is put into the skin anywhere on the body (player’s choice). It is 2” by 4” and is air and water tight. The Realskinn zipper is like a zip-lock zipper and not like trouser zippers.

Setae (1): Special, micro-folds are implanted on the skins of your palms and fingers allowing you to adhere to sheer surfaces. This gives you specialization to climbing. Additionally, you can have them also added to your toes and soles of your feet. You cannot wear gloves and benefit from these Setae, also you can’t wear boots/shoes/other footwear and use the setae on your toes and feet.


All of these are pretty straightforward and the description in the table pretty much covers these cybernetics.  They are purely aesthetic and convey no game mechanic advantage or disadvantage.  Additionally, they have no CON loss and can be installed/implanted/applied without the need of any other cybernetic.