Cypher Types

Types Specific to Dark Sun

A quick googling of “cypher dark sun” brought up a very nice result:

This author has done the work of suggesting builds for various classes that exist in Dark Sun.  And they’re very good suggestions, but they are just that…suggestions.  In Cypher, you can build pretty much anything with the right Type-Descriptor-Focus combo.  These are further suggestions as they would relate to the Future version of Dark Sun…you know, the one detailed on this site.


Straight from 2e, the Bard is magic-less.  Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t be psionic.  Since the Cypher system doesn’t differentiate the abilities (from type or focus) between magic or psionic, you can still go Adept with any combination as well as add Magic Flavor to a Speaker or Explorer type.  It will likely be psionics instead, but still the same abilities.  Or it can be magic, Bards do dabble in a bit of everything.  But for purism, Bard will not have a magic flavor or foci that grant “magic-like” abilities.


As far as the types go, the author’s recommendations are excellent.  A Speaker type might work as well, flavored with magic.  The Foci suggestions are again spot-on.  But I wouldn’t necessarily attribute Throws With Deadly Accuracy with an Air Cleric. Thunders would be closer, but is still fairly thunder/rain/storm focused which doesn’t fit with Dark Sun, unless they were sandstorms and that would fit better.  So, more flavor than anything.


On the flip-side, Templars…are still really good suggestions.  However, for a bit more detail on what City-State would have what “domain” under Channels… here’s a handy chart:

City-State Suggested Blessing
Balic War, Protection/Silence, Authority/Law/Peace
Draj War, Protection/Silence, Trickery/Greed/Commerce
Gulg Nature/Animals/Plants, Desire/Love/Health
Nibenay War, Death/Darkness, Trickery/Greed/Commerce
Raam Nature/Animals/Plants, Desire/Love/Health, Authority/Law/Peace
Tyr War, Protection/Silence, Authority/Law/Peace, Trickery/Greed/Commerce (heavy on Commerce)
Urik War, Protection/Silence, Authority/Law/Peace, Knowledge/Wisdom

As with everything, these are just suggestions, but you should stray from the “elemental” blessings as those are for Clerics.

Though the author doesn’t mention it, you can have more “paladin/enforcer”-esque Templars by replacing Speaker with Warrior and keep magic flavor, or a more spy/informant oriented Templar with Explorer with magic flavor.  Or still an Adept as a full on “sorcerer” Templar for the Sorcerer King/Queen.  Basically, it’s the focus Channels Divine Blessings and your blessing choice to one of the non-elemental blessings that makes you a Templar.  Oh, and your blind service to the Templarate…or sorcerer king, whichever.


I would add to the author’s suggestions that you can go full Adept and be a more magic-casting Druid.  Also, I’d add the Channel Divine Blessings with the choice of Nature/Animal/Plants.


This comes down more to the Defiliing/Preserving mechanic than really your type/desc/focus choice combo.  I talk about that more Here.


Not in the original but added in 4e, the Warlock has become a popular class in regular 5e.  They are just another caster.  It could be argued that if you choose an Adept as your type and become a Templar, then you’ve made your pact with a Sorcerer King/Queen.  This is how it was in 4e.  But if you want a different patron, you’re still a caster and it’s your background that gives you your magic abilities.