Cypher Races

Table of Contents

Descriptor as Races

This will be reasonably short.  There are races specific to Dark Sun: the Half-Giant, the Mul, and the Thri-Kreen.  Luckily, in the Cypher Core Book in the Fantasy Genre section, they have 4 Descriptors for fantasy Races:  Elf, Dwarf, Half-Giant, and Hellborn.

Elf and Dwarf are super convenient.  You only need minor changes (no hair for Dwarfs, slightly faster speed and change woodland to Wasteland for Elves) and your done.  Half-Giant works really well too.  Hellborn is a obvious “port” of Tieflings from DnD.  Since they weren’t in the original, and there’s no real demonic influence in Athas, you can choose to exclude them.

That just leaves out Thri-Kreen.


All-in-all, they’ll be similar to Elves.  The only difference is they’ll have 4 arms and instead of speed, they’ll have a jump.  So, take away one of the Elf’s abilities for bows and add trained in jumping actions.  Or just use another descriptor that will describe how your Thri-Kreen presents itself.

Descriptors for Races

For all the other races as well as including the four above, you could just use any of the available Descriptors.  Apart from the Half-Giant’s size, the tirelessness of the Mul, and the multiple limbs of a Thri-Kreen, they can have any sort or personal or physical description that fits one of the already existing descriptors.  Again, referencing Living 4 Crits’ webpage, here are some appropriate descriptors for the Races of Athas. (hope I’m referencing correctly)


  • Descriptors:  Dwarf, Driven, Mad, Rugged, Perceptive, Strong-Willed, Tough, Vengeful


  • Descriptors:  Charming, Elf, Dishonorable, Fast, Graceful, Mystical, Sharp-Eyed


  • Descriptors:  Appealing, Empathic, Jovial, Mysterious, Spiritual


  • Descriptor: Half-Giant (from the Fantasy Descriptor), Brash, Chaotic, Strong


  • Descriptors:  Clever, Cruel, Impulsive, Inquisitive, Lucky, Stealthy, Swift


  • Descriptors:  Brash, Craven, Doomed, Impulsive, Intelligent, Noble, Wealthy — or ANY


  • Descriptors:  Strong, Hardy, Naive, Resilient, Tongue-Tied


  • Descriptor:  Thri-Kreen (Custom, modified “Tough”)
    • Carapace:  +1 to Armor
    • Dextrous:  +2 to Speed Pool
    • Skill:  You’re trained in jumping and leaping
    • Additional Equipment:  You begin play with a Chatkcha
    • Initial Link to the Starting Adventure
      1. You see all of the PC’s as part of your clutch.
      2. You consider only one of the PC’s as part of your clutch, and have a distrust of the others.
      3. One of the PC’s has watched you consume an elven friend of theirs.
      4. You have spent time teaching one of the other PC’s how to use your Thri-Kreen weapons, and the experience has been very rewarding.


Much like anything in Cypher, there’s no set rule.  You can combine anything with anything and describe your character’s physical appearance as any fantasy race you want.  Well, except for Dragons.  And there’s a reason that’s been fully discussed.