Table of Contents

Where To Shop

Much like in our world, there are various market places where you can spend your money.  In the past years, these markets have gone mostly in two directions:  Open Air (mostly for stolen slightly used goods) or Strip Malls.

Along with these two types, each of the free cities have their own “high priced shopping boulevard”.  These streets are lined with ground floor shops selling all sorts of high-end luxury items.

And of course there is online shopping.  Why put on pants just to buy more pants?


There are several ways to get stuff cheaper then listed price, are you the savvy coupon clipping sort? Only one type of discount can be applied and all discounts are up to the GMs approval.

Deals & Sales

Scour online and through magazines for deals! To do so make a Survival DC 10 + 1 per 500c cost of the item. Every point over you get is a 1% you can knock off the total up to 30%.

Loyalty Rewards

Frequent an establishment a lot! They may offer you a Loyalty Rewards discount card that gives you 5% off all purchases, not usable with other types of sales discounts.

Bulk Pricing

Buy in bulk and get great deals as long as it is not a service or food or beverage related. You can’t add another discount to this.

10 more of the same item 5% off.

100 or more of the same item 10% off.

500 or more of the same item 20% off.

Counterfeit / Knock Offs

Don’t want to pay name brand prices, you can usually find a counterfeit or knock-off for up to 50% off. Only products of a value of 100c or more will you find this type of discounts, service, food and beverages are not available. Some items already have their own chart for this such as weapons so use those when appropriate. What is the difference in your counterfeit or non brand product? Roll on the chart below.

Roll a d6 Description Effect
1 JUNK! It broke as soon as you got it home. Broken conditions can’t be fixed short of a wish.
2 Poor Quality Every time you use it there is a 10% it gets the broken condition.
3 Falling Apart Every time you use it there is a 50% it gets the broken condition.
4 Stolen Property The item has been listed as stolen with the local Enforcers.
5 Cursed! The item is cursed, the GM should use his discretion to determine what kind of curse.